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The Avenue uses geographic information systems analysis to illuminate issues that are driven by data to organize, communicate, and understand the science of eminent domain.

We locate DOT plans to find impacted landowners in order to connect you with potential clients. Our tools are designed to improve your eminent domain strategy.


The Avenue can assist you with customer acquisition and project management.

The Avenue uses a geographic information system (GIS) to gather, manage, and analyze data for real estate attorneys working on eminent domain cases.  We compile data from public sources to find the most up-to-date ownership records and provide expert analysis to help you make better decisions. Our integrated project management tools are designed to improve collaboration at your firm and track the progress of active cases.

Our Capabilities


The Avenue procures current and future project data from state agencies for you. No more hunting for DOT project plans.


We process project data into usable online parcel maps to help keep you informed about customers and projects.


The Avenue generates mailing lists and automates communications with customers on your behalf.

Who is The Avenue Research Group?

Built By Lawyers, For Lawyers

The Avenue Research Group was founded by attorneys with over 20 years in real estate law with the help of experienced GIS professionals and software developers. We understand the frustration of searching for right-of-way plans and looking up ownership records. Improve your eminent domain strategy and let us help you skip the tedium and sign clients faster and easier. 

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    Features on Avenue Home Page

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